Anonymous asked:

Is Evangeline from PATF the second star to the right from Peter Pan, and the wishing star in Pinocchio?

didyouknowwaltdisney answered:

I like to go even further. SO let’s say Evangeline is indeed the same star in all of these films as there is no evidence to the contrary. 


This is Evangeline right? So if she is indeed the brightest star in the sky. After Ray reaches his place to the left of her she would then become…the second star to the right. image

Now onto Peter Pan.


Peter pan screencap of the second star, and oh look there is a smaller star next to her, Ray. Which means perhaps there is a Disney timeline of sorts or at least a continuity between these three films?  It could be that Ray and his events with Tiana happened before the Darlings trip to Neverland. Anyways let’s take a look at Pinocchio shall we? image

Now here is the star in Pinocchio, and it seems more or less like the brightest star in the sky just like the other photos, but no small star! Given the setting we know Pinocchio is set in a time long before the other two films. So perhaps ray isn’t there yet, his adventure hasn’t come to be. Meaning there is a continuity at least in respect to time between these three films and the position of the brightest star in the sky! But what is even more interesting is that in Pinocchio at the end of the film Jiminy Cricket refers to the star as My Lady. He even thanks her for making Pinocchio a real boy, to which the star responds by awarding him a medal. Thanks to that interaction we can assume the star is none other than the famed Blue Fairy herself who made all of the events in Pinocchio possible. So in conclusion.image

Hello Evangeline, the second star to the right.